Dragon Bracelets

Welcome to our Dragon Bracelet collection

Would you like to change your style, or simply differentiate yourself from your peers by wearing a unique and timeless piece of jewelry on your wrist? Then don't hesitate any longer! All our dragon bracelets are made by hand and with a high level of quality to meet the demand of our customers.

3 Reasons to wear a Dragon Bracelet

  • A look that stands out!

Wearing a distinctive dragon bracelet is a great way to spice up your look. People will definitely notice your remarkable jewelry and maybe even compliment or ask you about it. At The Dragon Shop, we believe that "fortune favors the bold" even when it comes to outfit and look! So don't be afraid to stand out from the pack and grab one of our tasteful dragon bracelets.

  • Dragons are iconic creatures

There's a reason dragons are part of so many stories, movies and even cultures. Dragons are noble and powerful creatures that have captivated mankind for ages. They have an aura of might and mystery that really no other mythical creature can come close to. So by wearing a dragon bracelet, you give off an unmistakable feeling of confidence, strength and wisdom.

  • Express your personality

Dragons are part of many cultures and therefore each type of dragon has its own lore and characteristics. From the benevolent, god-like Chinese dragons which control the weather and help the population to the mighty and ruthless Western dragons that hoard the bones of their victims, the spectrum is quite broad. So no matter your personality or culture, you will always find a dragon bracelet that represents your values and fits your style. And by choosing the perfect bracelet, you'll be able to communicate all these things simply by wearing it.

What do dragons represent?

Throughout the ages, the dragon has always been a popular creature. It has a strong and complex symbolism. However not all dragons have the same characteristics and meaning. Depending on the culture, dragons can either be seen as benevolent and helpful (in the Eastern world) or as ruthless and terrifying beasts (in the Western world).

And if you'd like to know more about what a dragon bracelet represents, we've written an entire article on the topic: The Meaning of Dragon Bracelets

Which hand should you wear you Dragon Bracelet on?

You can actually wear your bracelet on either wrist, there is no special rule or meaning on that topic (unlike rings for instance, where each hand and finger has its own purpose). That said, it is more common to wear bracelets on the right arm since the left arm is usually where people wear their watches. Speaking of watches, a bracelet can be their perfect companion. You can either choose a relatively small bracelet (such as a beads bracelet) and wear it on the same hand as your watch. Or you can go with a larger and bolder dragon bracelet worn on the opposite wrist which will balance your look.

How to choose your bracelet size?

The first step is to measure your wrist at the location where you're going to wear the bracelet. You can do so with a measuring tape or by using a string and then measuring the string with a flat ruler. Then you must decide how tight or loose you'd like your bracelet to fit you. Depending on your preference you can then:

  • For a tight fit: add 1/2"
  • For a comfortable fit: add 3/4"
  • For a loose fit: add 1"

Dragon Bracelets for all tastes and styles

With our large collection of quality bracelets, centered around the universe of dragons, you're sure to find the ideal bracelet you're looking for. Whether you're a rock fan, fearless biker or mysterious Gothic, you'll find a dragon bracelet for your taste!