Dragon Hoodies

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Nothing will keep you warm like a nice dragon hoodie!
Our large collection ranges from mythology inspired to modern designs. Our original designs will let you find the perfect hoodie to go through winter with style.

The Dragon, a Mythical Creature

Dragons have always fascinated mankind which is why they're part of so many stories, movies and video games. These mighty creatures possess an aura of power, wisdom and mystery that is quite unique. By wearing a dragon hoodie, you can capture some of that mystical aura and truly stand out.

Eastern Dragons vs Western Dragons

  • The Eastern Dragon (also known as Chinese Dragon)

In Eastern cultures, dragons are considered as benevolent gods that help humanity. They have control over water 🌊 and can therefore provide rain for agriculture. That said, they can also unleash disasters such as tsunamis or hurricanes if humans act in a way that upsets the dragon. Luckily, they have a good hearted nature and these events are rare!
In terms of symbolism, a Chinese dragon represents quiet strength, wisdom and balance. It is also said that wearing a Chinese dragon on clothes or jewelry attracts good fortune. So don't wait any longer and grab one of our neatly designed dragon hoodies!

  • The Western Dragon (also known as European Dragon)

In the West, dragons are perceived quite differently from their Asian counterparts. They are very powerful creatures with immense strength and usually some magical abilities related to fire 🔥. However they're also much less friendly and are often pictured as the ultimate opponent in stories and legends.
As such, a hoodie sporting a Western dragon is a very badass piece of clothing that will let people know you're a force to be reckoned with. These creatures represent raw strength, determination and leadership.