Dragon Incense Burners

Dragon Incense Burners & Holders

A dragon incense burner is the ideal item to create a zen atmosphere in your home. Incense can have many applications: you can use it to relax, to meditate, to create a special experience for your guests or simply for its delicate smell. In any case it will add a special dimension to your activities and bring some good vibes!

The many benefits of burning incense

  • Healing properties

The powder used to craft incense sticks is mixed with essential oils. These oils have many health benefits such as helping to reduce inflammation or boosting the healing process of our bodies.

  • Emotional properties

Health is not only physical but also emotional. Incense influences our limbic system which is the center of our emotions and feelings. Depending on the variety of incense burned, it can either have a soothing, relaxing effect or a more tonifying one.

  • Relaxing properties

Incense has been used in religious ceremonies since the dawn of time for its benefits on spirituality. Breathing incense lets us relax and soothes our minds which lets us focus on more important aspects of life.