Dragon Necklaces

Welcome to our collection of Dragon Necklaces

As lovers of the mythical creature, we have created an exclusive collection of dragon necklaces and pendants. Each piece is made by hand and to the highest level of quality. Our large collection of dragon necklaces will delight any dragon lover no matter your style (biker, gothic, fantasy fan...). From delicate and graceful pendants to fierce-looking necklaces, we for sure have what you're looking for!

What do dragons represents?

The dragon is a mythological creature that has always fascinated mankind. It is usually depicted as a kind of huge snake with reptilian features and wings. The dragon is present in countless tales and legends where it often plays a big role.

The dragon has an aura of power and might because it is considered as a mythical and sometimes even god-like creature. As a consequence, a dragon necklace is usually associated with qualities such as strength, courage and determination.

However, it is necessary to distinguish the two main origins of dragons because they are completely different:

  • The Chinese/Oriental dragon: This dragon, often considered as a god who controls the weather, is helpful to mankind. It provides rain for the agriculture and sometimes grants the wishes of a few chosen ones. It represents power, protection, fertility and luck. Wearing an oriental dragon necklace also shows wisdom and good will.
  • The Medieval/Western dragon: Almost at the opposite of its eastern cousin, this dragon causes terror, chaos and is usually feared. Western dragon necklaces represent raw energy, unstoppable determination and a strong desire to live life to the fullest.