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Wearing a dragon ring is a great way to craft your own, unique style. These mighty creatures have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time and possess an aura of power, style and mystery that is pretty much unmatched. Grab one of our carefully handcrafted rings and unleash the power of dragons! 🐉

3️⃣ Reasons to wear a Dragon Ring

1/ A Dragon Ring creates a Unique Identity

In a world where everybody looks the same, wearing a dragon ring will make you stand out and draw the attention of your peers. It will let you create a style that is uniquely yours and that will be remembered.
A dragon ring can have many styles and designs (whether it be inspired by Chinese mythology, Viking rings, Celtic jewelry...) which directly express your personality and what you are interested in.
Also, If you're in a place where your clothes are not meant to express your style (at work for instance), it is very likely that the only accessory you can wear is a ring or some other kind of jewelry such as a bracelet or a pendant. In that case, a dragon ring will give a uniqueness to your outfit even if you wear simple clothes without any logo or particular design on them.

2/ A Dragon Ring is a great topic of Conversation / Icebreaker

Accessories are visual clues of your personality, and a beautiful dragon ring will likely catch the attention of those around you. You could literally meet new people just by wearing a distinctive ring around your finger!
Imagine being at a music festival (or any kind of social event). People are often very open to discussion, and we're pretty sure that many will come and ask you questions about your favorite accessory. Maybe they'll like to know about its meaning: "Your rings looks really cool, what does it represent?". Or maybe they'll look for information about its origin: "Wow, your dragon ring is awesome, where did you buy it?"
As you can see, wearing a dragon ring can be a great way to create conversations. It could even be the excuse that a pretty woman in a cafe needs to start a discussion, or a nice topic to get going again if there's a lull, who knows! 😉

3/ The Culture of Jewelry

Rings are often associated with the wealth and status of their wearer. A unique accessory made of a noble material will let you assert your status in society. For instance, in many Eastern countries, wearing a ring may mean that you are a wealthy or important person.
Young people today often wear distinctive rings with a style that represents their passions or commitments, or to show their belonging to a group. A dragon ring can let you express your identity, values or simply your interest for the subject!
A dragon ring could also be worn as a reminder of a past event. For example, a ring with an Oriental dragon (Chinese, Japanese, Korean...) could allude to a trip to Asia where the mythical creature is omnipresent and plays a big cultural role.

The Symbolism of Dragon Rings

The Japanese consider dragons to be creatures whose power and might are equal to that of the gods. When you choose to wear a dragon ring, you give off the vibe of a courageous, wise and generous person. Wearing dragon rings can be a style and fashion statement for young and middle-aged people, while older people see them as a symbol of prosperity and success in life. Now, of course there are many kinds of dragons as each culture has its own vision of the legendary beast. So let's take a closer look at these different dragons.

  • Eastern Dragons (Chinese 🇨🇳 , Japanese 🇯🇵 , Korean 🇰🇷 ...)

Dragons have a big role in many Asian cultures, probably more than anywhere else in the world. For instance, dragon is the most prestigious and sought after Chinese zodiac sign (so much that there is a peak in birth rate on the year of the dragon in China!). Dragons are worshiped and many temples honoring them can be found throughout Asia. But what about dragons themselves? Well, their appearance, powers and nature is very different from the Western idea of what a dragon is. First of all, Eastern dragons are benevolent and good hearted creatures. They control water 🌊 and help humans by providing rain for their agriculture. It is also thought that if you ever see a dragon, you'll be blessed with great luck for the rest of your life...
So in terms of symbolism, a Chinese dragon ring represents strength, wisdom and balance.

Oh, by the way, if you're interested in learning more about Chinese dragons, we've written a pretty cool article on the topic: History & Legends of the Chinese Dragon. And if you're in for some epic stories about dragons in Japanese culture, here's our post about: The legends of Japan's most Famous Dragons.

  • Western Dragons (also known as European dragons 🇪🇺 )

In most Western countries, dragons are often seen as very powerful and dangerous creatures. Even though some "good" dragons exist in western stories, the dragon is more often the villain of the story and the ultimate opponent that the hero will have to defeat in his quest. European dragons are associated with fire 🔥 as opposed to Asian dragons which are water creatures. As such they are extremely strong, often short tampered and capable of unleashing great deals of destruction and chaos on those crazy enough to defy them.
As a result, a Western dragon ring is a symbol of pure strength, fighting spirit and relentless determination.

  • Viking Dragons ⚔️

In Viking mythology, dragons are very important. Probably the most well-known of them is Nidhogg, a gigantic, snake-like creature which is a the center of an endless battle between good and evil happening at the roots of the tree of life: Yggdrasil. This battle is actually crucial in Norse mythology as it fuels the cycle of life (destruction is a necessary step to creation and growth in Viking culture). Another famous dragon is Jormungandr, the archenemy of Thor which he will have to defeat in the apocalyptic and final battle of Ragnarok to save humanity.
Dragons are among the most powerful creatures of Norse mythology, as such, a Viking dragon ring is perfect for people with strong and bold personalities. It's also a great way to show your interest in this epic civilization of warrior that was the Viking people!

  • Celtic Dragons 🕈

The role of dragons in Celtic culture is quite special. The flow of energy is a central concept for the Celts. Dragons are thought to influence their environment by charging it with positive energy. As a result, it is thought that places were dragons live are especially favorable for health, agriculture and spirituality. These places are called "dragon lines" of which the most famous one is Stonehenge...
When it comes to symbolism, Celtic dragon rings represent inner peace, knowledge and mystery.

How to wear a Dragon Ring?

Which Finger for your Dragon Ring? 🖐️

Each finger has a different meaning, so it is essential to understand what each finger symbolizes in order to decide where to wear your dragon ring.

    • The Ring Finger

The most well-known symbolism for fingers is the fourth finger of the left hand. In many cultures it is reserved for the engagement ring and then the wedding ring. Be careful though: in some parts of the world the finger reserved for engagement and wedding rings is actually the fourth finger of the right hand. Many people make at least once the mistake of talking to a Polish person assuming they were single until they're told that the wedding ring is worn on the right hand in their country! In certain cultures, it is a bad omen to wear rings on the "wedding" finger before entering into a serious relationship. For example it is thought that fate could slow down to bring you true love...

    • The Middle Finger

The middle finger is the most popular finger of all for rings. Because of its location on the hand, the rings on this finger show a sense of balance and responsibility. The rings for both men and women on this finger add glamour and class to an outfit. It will give your ring an extra sense of style without any effort.

    • The Index Finger

The index finger has only become fashion statements in recent years, which was not necessarily the case before. People choose to wear rings on this fingers to give extra attention to the hand. The rings worn on the index finger can be quite bold because it is the finger that brings out jewelry the most. It's a way of saying "Look at the detail in the design of my Silver Chinese Dragon Ring, it fits perfectly with my edgy and strong personality".

Now if you'd like to explore this topic more in-depth we recommend you this awesome article: The ultimate guide to wearing rings (for men).

Which way should a Dragon Ring face?

There is no absolute rule on the orientation of your ring. Most men wear a ring in such a way that it is clearly visible to onlookers, which means the ring is facing outwards, towards other people.
However, before putting on a dragon ring on your finger, you should ask yourself what it means to you personally. Depending on the answer, wear your dragon ring either pointing towards others or pointing inward.

    • If the ring is a mean of expression, an accessory that defines your style and is a link between the different elements of your outfit, then you should wear it so that it faces others. In the end, a silver dragon ring is proof that you have a strong personality and a good taste in fashion, so you owe it to yourself to prove it to the world!
    • If a ring has a sentimental meaning or if its meaning is known only to you, it is best to wear it so that it faces you. For example, you may have received the ring as a gift from a friend, from a lover or as trophy for a big achievement. In this case, you are the only person to whom the ring is meant, so the dragon should look you straight in the eyes!

Which Ring for which Finger Shape?

When choosing a ring, consider the size of your palm and the shape of your fingers. Modern men's fashion allows jewelry to be worn on any finger, including the little finger and thumb.

    • If you have long, thin fingers, it's best to choose rings that are wide, but not too thick.
    • If you have a medium hand size, you are lucky. You can go on and wear rings of any texture, shape and size!
    • If you have shorter, thicker fingers, you should definitely go big with the ring! Large and massive rings will emphasize the specificity of these fingers.

How many (Dragon) Rings should you wear?

Men should be relatively conservative on that aspect, as is the case with men's fashion in general. Sure, pictures of celebrities or rock stars wearing rings on all their fingers may look cool, but they are stars. Most men have a fairly "normal" jobs where an abundance of rings would simply look ridiculous. That said, it does not mean that one can wear nothing but a wedding ring. The fashion standards allow a total of up to 3 rings on both hands.

How to match your Dragon Rings with your outfit? 🤵

Dragon jewelry fits perfectly with all the elements of the biker style. It will also nicely complete a Gothic or punk outfit.
When it comes to more ordinary clothing, you need to be a bit careful in matching your outfit. Luckily, dragon jewelry goes well with a casual style. If you like to wear dark jeans with a T-shirt or shirt, your dragon rings will be a great (and edgy) addition to your look.
Dragon are a universal symbols and go well with other jewelry, such as leather bracelets or silver necklaces.
However is much more difficult to match dragon rings with a professional wardrobe. In such context, you should probably give up massive rings, as they tend to attract attention. That said, you'll be completely fine with if you choose a more subtle design such as a band ring.
If you still want to introduce exotic pieces of jewelry into the business world, you can complement your look with other ornaments, such as bracelets or necklaces. They can always be hidden under your clothes if you are going to an important business event.


Let's be honest, dragons are cool, period! That's why they're part of so many movies and stories. No matter which part of the world you're in, these mythical creatures will always have their aura of power, style and mystery.
Whether you're a biker, Gothic, a lover of fantasy or a hard rock fan, you'll find something for your taste. We offer a wide selection of steel, silver and leather jewelry to satisfy even the most demanding customers.