Dragon Temporary Tattoos

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

Welcome to our collection of temporary dragon tattoos. Whether you're seriously thinking about getting inked or just want to get a tattoo for a few days, our large choice of dragon tattoos will let you find the perfect design you've been looking for! We've got tattoos of all sizes and shapes (sleeve, back, chest...) to delight all dragon and tattoo lovers out there!

With a dragon tattoo from our shop, you will be able to fully express your style and differentiate yourself in an original way! All our tattoos comply with the latest standards in terms of international health and regulatory requirements (the medical glue used is of natural origin and hypoallergenic).

Quick history of dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos have been around for centuries, and are especially popular in Eastern cultures. The dragon is a symbol of luck and wisdom in addition to being the king of fire. In Japan, the dragon is used as a distinctive sign of the Yakuza, and if for one moment, we forget that they are a criminal organization, we must admit that the tattoos that cover a large part of their bodies are real masterpieces.

Different kinds of dragon tattoos (for men and women)

A dragon tattoo has a strong symbolic value and must therefore be chosen wisely.

  • Men usually choose their arms, shoulders, chest or back to get a dragon tattoo. It shows wisdom, reason, strength and courage.
  • Women usually go for the shoulders, feet, ankle, or neck. It represents creation, protection and strength.

It must be noted that the dimensions and styles are generally different for men and women.

One of the great things about dragon tattoos is that they can adapt to any part of the body because their design is relatively fluid. A dragon can also be integrated into a larger artwork (such as a sea of clouds, a battle scene...). For instance a dragon flying over white clouds will have a peaceful and majestic appearance.

What makes temporary tattoos so great?

First of all, they are much cheaper than a traditional tattoo. If you've always wanted a dragon tattoo but you're on a tight budget, our temporary tattoos are a great alternative. They will also allow you to try various designs before you take the plunge and go to a tattoo shop. We offer you many different types of dragon tattoos: in black & white or in color, with different designs and with  various dragon styles: oriental, western, Celtic, tribal... Oh and we almost forgot, they're completely painless too!

Find THE perfect tattoo for your taste!

Indeed, since our shop specializes in the world of dragons, you will find the best draconian temporary tattoos. They will be great for an event such as a party or a wedding; you will be able to wear your own tattoo that will give you a unique look, and that will make you the star of the evening!