Dragon Wall Art

Welcome to our Dragon Wall Art collection!

A dragon canvas is a great way to personalize your living room according to your taste and to impose your own, unique style. The Dragon Shop has the best selection of dragon wall art you can find on the internet! Each piece is based on a unique, original design and printed with the best technology available (direct canvas impression).

A wide selection of Dragon Canvases

With the large choice available on our shop, you are sure to find the perfect piece of dragon art you need for your interior. It will bring warmth to your living room and make your guests feel at home. Treat yourself with an epic dragon painting that will stand out and add a touch of majesty to your place.

The symbolism of Dragon Wall Art

The dragon is one of the most legendary creatures known to mankind. It is either worshiped or feared depending on the culture. For instance, in Europe, the dragon has been feared for thousands of year because it is often associated with evil (or even seen as a personification of the Devil).

However, in Asia, particularly in China and Japan, it's the exact opposite: dragons are benevolent gods that help humans by providing rain for agriculture and good luck when needed. The dragon is also a true symbol of power, as such it is often found in decoration (such as our dragon wall paintings). It is THE symbol of Eastern emperors and is often engraved on armors of Japanese and Chinese generals.