Affiliate Program

Make some money with our affiliate program! (earn up to $500 per month 💰)

Your benefits

  • A generous and simple affiliate program (10 to 15% per sale)
  • Secured and automated payments (PayPal) *
  • A dashboard to track your sales, get your affiliate links and create your personalized promo codes.
  • BONUS: Free products for the best affiliates!

How does it work?

  • STEP 1: Sign up to the program with the link below
  • STEP 2: Get your affiliate links and promo code from the dashboard
  • STEP 3: Start promoting our website and earn a commission for every sale.

It's really simple: every time someone clicks on your affiliate links or uses your promo code to make a purchase, your commission is automatically credited to your account.

The program

The more customers you refer, the higher your commissions get!

  • Level #1 - 10% per sale (0 - 20 sales)
  • Level #2 - 12% per sale (20 - 100 sales)
  • Level #3 - 15% per sale (100+ sales)

(*) Transaction fees are on us, however the minimum amount for a payout is $10.